Customer Centric Design


Customeric offers Customer Centric Design (CCD) consultancy services helping you to develop and deliver customer service solutions and innovations which put the customer - their needs, experience and outcomes - first.

The Customeric CCD model involves a 7 stage tried-and-tested process which 'turns a spotlight' on any part of your organisation to help you to become more customer-centric. For example, it can support:

  • Target Operating Model creation and implementation;
  • Customer experience/journey mapping; 
  • Process/organisational design;
  • Development of Digital Strategy and shift to omni-channel; 
  • RPA and AI solutions
  • Change management and Transformation;
  • Communication planning;
  • Sustainability initiatives and Social Value impact.

The Customeric CCD can be simply summarised as: 

1) Engagement;

2) Research;

3) Analysis;

4) Design;

5) Solutions;

6) Implement;

7) Improve. 

Our experienced team will guide you through this process - exploring your existing ways of working, structures, processes and technology and identify potential enhancements.  We can then help you to implement our recommendations to enable you to swiftly realise value, benefits and customer satisfaction gains.

Bidding Services


We provide a range of bidding services to help you to plan, manage, write and win!  

We put our clients at the centre too - We engage with you closely so that we can really understand your business and deliver a proposal that really looks and feels "yours".  

We can manage the whole bid for you end-to-end, or simply pick up certain tasks to help out.  We can also come into your organisation to deliver bid best practice, advice and training to your team.

Our key bid services include: 

  • Pre-bid activity, research and planning;
  • Bid management, administration and meeting facilitation - including Kick Off and Lessons Learned;
  • Bid strategy and solutions based upon our Customeric CCD model;
  • Bid Governance;
  • Bid response writing, review and sign off;
  • Bid and solution training
  • Bid knowledge management and library creation.

Our bid win rates are amongst the highest in the industry (75%) - Let us share our expertise, hints and tips!

Procurement Services


Customeric Consulting offers procurement services to support your internal teams with:

  • Alignment of your business vision and strategy to procurement requirements;
  • Pre-procurement market engagement;
  • Development of functional and non-functional requirements;
  • RFI, PQQ/ SQ, ITT Stages;
  • Commercials, Legal;
  • Contract Governance;
  • Extensions and Re-bids.

We offer:

  • A robust and accelerated procurement process;
  • Facilitated and collaborative face-to-face client/supplier meetings;
  • A clear business case, solutions and desired outcomes;
  • Support to enable parallel contracting during the bid process;
  • Collaborative implementation support post-award.